Penn Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility

Core Description: The Penn Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility (PGMF) provides centralized germ-free and gnotobiotic mouse services. The PGMF maintains three common strains of germ-free mice that are available upon request, and provides re-derivation services for generating customized germ-free and gnotobiotic mouse strains. In addition, the PGMF offers the Penn research community access to isolators for utilizing germ-free and gnotobiotic mice during IACUC-approved experimental procedures. To further meet the needs of investigators, the PGMF provides technical support required for various experimental procedures.

PGMF services are now offered through iLab, please click here for more information. For consultation or requests, please contact

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Core Director:
Yongwon Choi, Ph.D.

Technical Director:
Dmitri Kobuley