Cell Center Services Facility

Core Description: Cell Center Services Facility is the service component of the Cell Center, provides training and services in various cell culture and associated procedures including Mycoplasma and Endotoxin testing. The cell culture service includes cell culture at various scales, large scale growth of hybridoma and other cell lines followed by antibody purification by protein G column and the generation of lymphoblastoid cell lines by EBV induced transformation of lymphocytes. In addition, the facility prepares specialized cell culture media, drosophila media, and various tissue culture and molecular biological reagents.

A number of new services have been introduced at the facility in last one year. This includes large scale cell culture in Celline flask and hollow fiber bioreactor, hybridoma production and screening without immunization (the immunization is outsourced), and the transfection of mammalian cells with and without selection of stable cell lines.


Core Director:
Tapan Ganguly, Ph.D. 

Technical Director:
Sabine Baxter