Human Immunology Core

HICCore Description: The Human Immunology Core (HIC) provides wet bench and scientific expertise for investigators conducting early-phase clinical trials and other translational immunology research. The HIC also offers human blood-derived cell products from apheresis donors. For clinical trial support, the HIC performs blood/tissue processing, cryopreservation, sample storage and shipping, as well as qualified cellular and molecular assays that incorporate modern immunology techniques. Assays include multicolor immunophenotyping, digital ELISA, Luminex, conventional ELISA, ELISPOT, and T cell and B cell receptor repertoire profiling with single cell molecule techniques in development. The HIC also offers expert data analysis, and scientific consultation. 


Scientific Director:
Eline Luning Prak, M.D., Ph.D.

Technical Director:
Ling Zhao, M.D., Ph.D.