Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Cornfeld Pediatric Society

About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Cornfeld Pediatric Society is an interest group aiming to further student interest in pediatrics and provide opportunities to explore pediatrics as a specialty. We serve as a link between the medical student body and CHOP and offer talks on pediatric issues, career development workshops, and a variety of volunteer, shadowing, and networking opportunities.

The Story of Our Namesake

Dr. David Cornfeld (1927-1993) is a legendary figure at CHOP. After graduating from Swarthmore College in 1944, he attended medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Cornfeld trained in med-peds before such a specialty existed: he completed residencies in internal medicine and pediatrics at Yale and later served as assistant chief resident at CHOP. After completing a fellowship in nutrition, he was assigned the position of nephrologist at CHOP and quickly adapted to his new position. Dr. Cornfeld became a Professor of Pediatrics in 1972 and became First Chief of the Division of General Pediatrics in 1976; in these roles he served as a passionate advocate for his patients, gifted teacher and supportive mentor for over thirty years. His rounds (Cornfeld Rounds) were notorious for pushing students and residents to the limits of their knowledge, and he taught generations of pediatricians the strength and resilience of children. Dr. Cornfeld passed away in 1993 and, in 1995, the Cornfeld Society was named in his honor.  We strive to carry out his legacy through providing opportunities for medical students to learn and become advocates for children in need.

Dr. Cornfeld

The Cornfeld Society Today

Since our founding in 1995, the Cornfeld Society has grown to a membership of approximately 100 medical students at the Perelman School of Medicine. Our programs currently include a shadowing program in the CHOP emergency department, numerous lunch talks on topics germane to the medical school curriculum, and a connection to volunteer and advocacy opportunities. In the past year, the society has coordinated volunteer opportunities with the Babies & Books early literacy program in the HUP NICU and sponsored talks on topics including pediatric oncology, pediatric intensive care, careers in pediatrics, and pediatric concussion. We are fortunate to have wonderful faculty advisors and hope to serve as a bridge between them and medical students who have questions about clinical rotations, careers in pediatrics and research opportunities.