Penn Public Health: Ways to Engage

2014 flu clinicCPHI is Penn Public Health. We bring together faculty, staff, students and partners from the larger public health community to promote interdisciplinary education, research and practice in public health. The Center was established in 2007 by the Provost's Office.

There are many ways to engage with CPHI – whether you are a Penn faculty, staff member, student or partner academic, government, or community organization. Here’s how:

All Friends of CPHI:
  • Becoming a CPHI Fellow if you are not one already. Gain access to special events and opportunities, and receive formal affiliation with the Center. We welcome all professionals engaged in public health research and practice.
  • Participating in our annual Seminar Series and other CPHI events and learning opportunities such as the Winter Institute on Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research or the Summer Institute on GIS and Public Health.
  • Networking with other public health professionals from our extensive network of fellows and community partners.
  • Writing for or be featured on the website / social media including Twitter and Facebook.
  • Sharing your publications and accomplishments with CPHI staff so we can promote within our networks.
  • Collaborating with center staff on community-based activities, including Service Link, school-based initiatives, and Community Driven Research Day.
  • Co-hosting additional symposia or workshops – we are open to new ideas and opportunities.
Penn Faculty / Academic Partners (Including Senior and Associate CPHI Fellows):
  • Teaching in the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program or guest lecturing in MPH courses.
  • Advising a MPH student Capstone project and/or providing content advice.
  • Hiring a MPH student as a graduate research assistant (GRA).
  • Partnering on available public health funding opportunities.
Community-based Organizations (Including Adjunct CPHI Fellows):
  • Serving as a student preceptor for the MPH student required fieldwork experience.
  • Participating in a public health career panel – more information coming soon.
  • Presenting a poster for Community Driven Research Day and partnering with Penn faculty and applying for a $10,000 pilot funding opportunity.
  • Attending public health workforce trainings to build skills on evaluation and developing community-academic partnerships.
  • Engaging CPHI in your community-based taskforce or workgroup.