PPHS volunteersThe CPHI offers a variety of programs that support our mission. These programs are structured to be in line with the three core elements of our motto: Education. Research. Action.


(Director - Rosemary Frasso)
The CPHI is the organizational home of Penn's interdisciplinary Master of Public Health program. CPHI also hosts an annual seminar series and learning institutes in order to foster life-long learning opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the broader public health community.


(Interim Director - Karen Glanz)
The CPHI encourages and facilitates the development of interdisciplinary public health research initiatives, its core staff members and students participate directly in selected studies . This is accomplished through:

  • Joint CCEB/LDI/CPHI program for Seeding Innovative New Directions in Collaborative
    A central CPHI program that stimulates interdisciplinary public health research has been our annual pilot grant funding. Since the program's inception, we have disbursed funds to 16 research teams and these grants have contributed $2,240,000 of follow on funding. In recent years, we have issue the CFP in collaboration with LDI and CCEB. View our Previously Funded Research
  • Community Driven Research Day - CDRD encourages collaboration between researchers and community-based organizations (CBOs)/community groups who have research questions that they are interested in answering about community approaches to improving health outcomes.


(Interim Director - Heather Klusaritz)
A key aspect of the CPHI mission is to enhance community/academic partnerships through fostering best practices and hosting forum's in which traditional and nontraditional partners can discuss priority public health issues and practices. Through the development of these partnerships, the CPHI endeavors to engage students and faculty in research and fieldwork that is done in partnership with community members and groups and is relevant to community needs to enhance the translation of research findings into action at the community-level.

CPHI Action Initiatives:

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