Statistical Methodology

Analysis of Count Data with Structural Zeros: CTN0018 and CTN0019

Principal Investigator: Paul Crits-Christoph, PhD (NIDA Funded)

This study investigates two statistical issues in the analysis of differential treatment effectiveness of HIV sexual risk interventions as examined in two NIDA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) studies: CTN0018 ("HIV/STD Safer Sex Skills Groups for Men in Methadone Maintenance Or Drug-free Outpatient Treatment Programs") and CTN0019 ("HIV/STD Safer Skills Groups for Women in Methadone Maintenance Or Drug-free Outpatient Treatment Programs"). The current study seeks to develop a new statistical methodology for moderation analysis of count data with structural zeros within a longitudinal data setting and apply it to the pooled CTN0018 and CTN0019 data to test hypotheses about treatment moderators for the five session gender-specific HIV sexual skill intervention relative to a one session "treatment as usual" standard HIV education intervention in the two studies.

This research is a collaboration between the University of Rochester (Drs. Tang and Tu) and the University of Pennsylvania (Drs. Crits-Christoph and Gallop).

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