Our Work

Here are some of the projects we are currently working on:

  • LiveAware - Engaging physicians, providers, and patients to improve rates of imaging-based screening (current use cases: hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer).
  • Improving the Outpatient Radiology Experience Engaging with patients who have upcoming outpatient imaging appointments to set expectations and provide education about their imaging test.
  • ED-Radiology Dashboard – Increasing information transfer and communication between the Emergency Department and Radiology to improve patient disposition and triage in the ED.
  • AI for radiology reporting and workflow.
  • Automated Radiology Results Tracking Engine (ARRTE) – Monitoring patients who need follow-up evaluation based on radiologist recommendations (use cases: abdominal and pelvic imaging, recently expanded to musculoskeletal imaging).
  • Penn Medicine Results Clinic – An enterprise-wide initiative to remove the cognitive burden of managing imaging follow-ups from Penn Medicine physicians and clinical providers, while still ensuring patients complete clinically indicated follow-up.
  • PORTER – The Patient-Oriented Radiology reporTER annotates radiology reports with definitions and additional information to demystify medical jargon and help patients better understand their reports and the role of imaging in their care.
  • Rapid Oncology Evaluation – Fast tracks cancer patients with new symptoms to an imaging evaluation without requiring an ED visit first (use cases: abdominal imaging, spine imaging).
  • PreAct – Collaboration with the Penn Center for Healthcare Innovation to facilitate care of patients with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer.
  • Capricorn - Enabling radiology residents to monitor their report discrepancies and volumes interpreted.
  • Penn Academic Radiology Learning Library (PeARLL) - A learning portfolio and ACGME milestones management tool for radiology residents.