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Novel Interventions in Criminal Justice Populations Division

Clinical Trials

Currently the Division is the lead site of five year  multi-site effectiveness study to determine whether the addition of a monthly injection of depot naltrexone to treatment as usual (TAU) will significantly improve outcome in offenders with a history of opioid addiction compared to TAU alone. Three-hundred and eight (308) participants were randomized to either treatment as usual in community programs or monthly injections of depot naltrexone for six months with treatment as usual in community programs. The effectiveness of depot naltrexone has never been studied in opioid dependent offenders.  All offender subjects will be evaluated at baseline, while in treatment, and at 6, 12 and 18‑month post-entry time points. The primary study outcomes are retention in treatment, drug use, re-arrests, psychosocial and medical/psychiatric functioning, and economic costs and benefit costs of naltrexone.  The Division is in the final year of the trial. Twelve (12) and 18 month follow-up visits are still underway. The study sites are the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, The Social Research Center of Friends Research Institute in Baltimore, Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, New York University in New York, Columbia University in New York, and Brown University in Providence.

For additional information on this trial, please call 215-746-7296.

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