IOP for OCD Practicum

The Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety (CTSA) in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is seeking candidates for an exciting new IOP practicum beginning Fall 2022. The CTSA is an internationally renowned clinical and research facility, directed by Lily Brown, Ph.D. that offers treatment for PTSD, OCD, and anxiety disorders.

About the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The CTSA has expanded their clinical offerings to include an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for OCD, directed by Danielle Cooper, PhD. The IOP program includes the delivery of an intensive format of Exposure and Response Prevention (EXRP) and runs approximately 5 half-days per week for 4-6 weeks per patient with rolling admissions. Each IOP patient is assigned 1 primary provider. Most days, the IOP program includes 1 hour of group, 1 hour with a licensed clinical psychologist (primarily provider), and 2 hours of exposures with an exposure therapist (IOP practicum trainee). The program also includes rounds and clinical supervision components. At this time, the IOP will be offered via telehealth to adults ages 18 and older.


IOP for OCD Practicum

IOP practicum students at our site will have the opportunity to work as a member of the IOP treatment team at CTSA and gain experience implementing exposures within an intensive format of EXRP with patients with OCD. Individual and group supervision with licensed clinical psychologists at CTSA is available. Students are expected to provide at least 2 half-days of direct clinical services per week. Most trainee hours will fall between 11am-3:30pm. Practicum students also have the opportunity to attend 4-day intensive training workshops on the treatment of OCD and PTSD, as well as any of the other trainings available at CTSA. Other potential clinical experiences may be available, depending on various factors such as level of experience, training goals, and availability.


Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Enrolled in a clinical psychology doctoral program (2nd year or beyond preferred)
  • Previous training in CBT with good basic therapy skills
  • Available at least two half-days per week

*The University of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, thus women and minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


Start date: 07/01/2023

End date: 06/30/2024


Application Process and Deadlines

To apply, please email your CV, cover letter, and 2-3 letters of recommendation (preferably at least one from a clinical supervisor)


All applications and questions can be directed to:
Danielle Cooper, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Director of IOP
Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety
3535 Market Street, 6th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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