Submitting Research Data

PennOmics allows researchers to share their genomic data with the Penn Research community and to compare their study cohort with all patietns in the PennOmics data warehouse. PennOmics can store most type of phenotypic and genomic data. Please contact Patrick Sullivan of the PennOmics team for details.

Accepted Research Data File Types

Multiple forms of processed genomic data are accepted in PennOmics. If your data is not already in an accepted form our developers will assist in transforming your data into a loadable format. Accept data types include:

  1. VCF
    • 1000 Genome Project guidelines for VCF 4.1 Format
  2. gVCF
    • Guidelines for gVCF Format
  3. MAF versions 2.0-2.2
    • TCGA guidelines for MAF v2.0 -2.2 Formats
  4. RNA-seq: Quantification-Exon
    • Only accepts Quanfication-Exon results
    • TCGA guidelines for Quantification-Exon results of RNA-seq Experiments 
  5. Copy Number Variation
    • Only data generated from an Affymetrix Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0 platform
    • Speak with developer for required file format
  6. Gene Expression
    • Both single and dual channel experiment results may be loaded
    • Speak with developers for required formats and supplementary files