Quality Data Mart

UPHS executive leadership recognized unsustainable trends in Safety and Quality:

  • Too much time and money spent collecting and reporting quality data across all three hospitals — operating budgets soaring — number of reporting analysts increasing
  • Inconsistency in Quality measure definitions caused rework and confusion
  • Data being reported was static, stale, and originated from multiple people and source systems including paper
  • Data not being reported in time to improve Quality


  • Change the focus of Safety and Quality analysts from data production to data analysis
  • Automate Quality data collection to enable better accuracy and more timely data
  • Enable a faster Quality improvement cycle time by front line leaders
  • Centralize the reporting and analysis of Quality measures for all facilities
  • Promote self-service framework for users to access Quality data within a standardized
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse through a single BI tool — BusinessObjects

Strategy for Change

UPHS implemented a Three Way Partnership Model for managing Quality on the hospital units. A Unit Based Clinical Leadership structure for all units was used that includes a Physician and Nurse Leader and PM for Quality. UPHS was confident that the combination of these roles and their accompanying expertise, armed with the accurate, real time information in the Quality Data Mart, was the best long term solution for their data and reporting needs and Quality improvement initiatives.


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