Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Developmental Biology Training Grant

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Administrative Structure

Overview: The Graduate Training Program in Developmental Biology spans schools, departments, and graduate programs within all of Penn. Its administrative home is the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology in the Perelman School of Medicine. The department contributes space and supports a manager, Megan Pellette. Megan oversees trainees appointments, and organizes training grant functions and activities.

Program Director: Michael Granato 

Executive Committee: The Training Program is overseen by an executive committee responsible for executing an annual review of the Program, approving any changes to the Program, approving the appointment of new trainers, the evaluation of continuing trainers, and a yearly review of the training program.  This committee meets at least once a year and has diverse representation. Joining the PI Dr. Granato are: Dr. Steve DiNardo, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology; Dr. Marisa Bartolomei, PI of the CMB-TG; Dr. Mike Lampson, Professor of Biology; Dr. Faye Mourkioti, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery; and DSRB graduate student, Gabriella Rice. Student representation will change every two years. Every three years two faculty members will rotate off of the Executive Committee and two new faculty will join.

Annual review: The review consists of three components. First, an analysis of publications, time-to-degree and placement of trainees along career paths.  Second, an anonymous online survey of current and former trainees to provide feedback on training grant-specific activities (e.g. lunch time meetings, profession development activities, yearly symposiums). Third, a full day review which includes an eminent outside scientist who will then report on the relative strengths and relative weaknesses of the Program, and make specific recommendations for improvement.

This training program is funded through the National Institute of Health (T32HD083185-02). The project period is 05/01/2015-04/30/2026.