Diversity & Inclusion

Mission & Goals

The Program for Diversity & Inclusion (PDI) is part of the Center for Student Life in the Office of Academic Programs in the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM).

PDI supports the educational mission of PSOM by promoting an inclusive, welcoming, supportive and engaged medical student community.

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Promote and support a diverse student body

  • PDI and the Office of Admissions work together to host programs for pre-med UIM students
  • Diversity recruitment visits to undergraduate schools and national meetings
  • Local, regional and national meetings of student-led and professional UIM organizations
  • Targeted diversity activities during the applicant interview season and in the post-acceptance period


Support student-led cultural affinity groups

  • Administration and advocacy for our core cultural affinity groups and their programs
  • UIM Peer Mentoring Program
  • Annual Student Life & Diversity Guide for the First Year
  • Diversity Week
  • Sponsor annual lectures: Nathan F. Mossell Lecture on Health Equity; Helen O. Dickens Lecture on Women in Medicine; and John E. Fryer Lecture on LGBT Health
  • UIM Convocation, a celebration of UIM graduates
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Foster the emotional wellness of students

  • PDI faculty available for scheduled appointments or walk-in visits to provide advice and counseling
  • Support of student-led spiritual and religious groups
  • Support of student-led wellness activities, including the MS1 Hiking Retreat
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Facilitate students' participation in community health and engagement

  • Administrative support and advocacy for student-led community clinics and service organizations
  • Ongoing development of new service opportunities
  • Formal office hours for students to receive faculty and staff guidance and support
  • Annual information session for first-year students
  • Community Outreach Advisory Committee to address short-term and long-term needs and concerns
  • Skill-building workshops for student volunteers
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