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MD/JD Program

We have developed a proposed curriculum and financial plan for students wishing to pursue a combined MD/JD program.  This option was envisioned for Perelman medical students interested in integrating the study of medicine with training in the legal field, to pursue rare and highly specialized career paths that require an MD and a JD.  The program does not currently have students enrolled, and we find that most potential applicants who are curious about this pathway ultimately pursue other avenues (such as the MD-ML, MD-M Bioethics or MD-PhD programs).  More information about the proposed MD/JD curriculum and financial plan, which is expected to take six years to complete, is provided here.

Please note that policies concerning admissions, curriculum, funding, and financial aid are subject to change. Additionally, though variations in the curriculum may be possible, any change will need prior approval and may have financial implications. This website is meant to provide preliminary general overview information only. Students interested in or enrolled in the program should seek personal advising from relevant faculty and staff.