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Electron Microscopy Sciences

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GPU accelerated systems pre-installed with cryo-EM data processing software such as Relion, MotionCorr etc.,

Workstation | Core X-Series



Cryo-EM lectures and Courses

Follow the link below to get started in cryo-EM courses:

Cryo-EM 101

This course is prepared with a media-rich online textbook format. So far only Chapter #1 is live and covers basics of Cryo-EM and sample preparation methods.



This course is detail oriented and lengthy for thorough online learning of Cryo-EM.



The course emphasizes concepts rather than mathematical details, taught through numerous drawings and example images. It is meant for anyone interested in the burgeoning fields of cryo-EM and 3-D EM, including cell biologists or molecular biologists without extensive training in mathematics or imaging physics and practicing electron microscopists who want to broaden their understanding of the field. The class is perfect as a primer for anyone who is about to be trained as a cryo-electron microscopist, or for anyone who needs an introduction to the field to be able to understand the literature or the talks and conversations they will hear at cryo-EM meetings.

​​​​​​MRC-LMB Cryo-EM Training Lectures

The above link leads to the recordings of the LMB’s 2017 Cryo-microscopy course. Full copies of the lecture presentations can be found in the videos.