Penn's Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy offers two versions of the Certificate in Health Care Innovation: a non-credit professional development version and—for current University of Pennsylvania faculty, staff, and professional and graduate students—an academic credit version. Choose the option that is right for you, so you can learn to promote solutions that improve health care delivery.

Certificates in Health Care Innovation

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Video: We want to transform careers that will transform health care.

Courses and Faculty

Courses in both Certificate in Health Care Innovation programs are taught by internationally recognized leaders in the areas of health policy, behavioral economics, operations management, and health care innovation. They include:

The Certificate in Health Care Innovation is designed to enable learners, upon successful completion of four online courses, to do the following:

  1. Better position reforms or innovations in your organization based on national trends and emerging regulations.
  2. Enable a health care organization to improve its operations.
  3. Design new approaches to strategies affected by health behavior.
  4. Apply common empirical research methodologies to policy and program analysis.
  5. Lead high-impact innovation efforts in and beyond health care settings.

Program Comparison

Use the chart below to compare the two certificate tracks. If you are a Penn employee or graduate/professional student, you can take the Academic Certificate, which confers academic course credits. If you are not currently affiliated with Penn, you can take the Professional Development Certificate to receive non-credit training in health care innovation topics. Click the red buttons below to learn more about each program.

Type of credit Penn academic credit (1 CU per course) No credits
Learners Faculty, staff, and graduate or professional students already enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania Current managers and future leaders from across the health care industry—including hospitals, government agencies, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and medical device manufacturing—looking to sharpen their skills to promote solutions that improve health care delivery
Course activities Lecture videos, discussions, readings, quizzes, individual and group assignments and exercises Lecture videos, discussions, readings, quizzes, and exercises
Assessment Letter grades based on quizzes, participation, and assignments, with faculty feedback Pass/Fail, based on quizzes and exercises, with opportunities for peer feedback
Faculty interaction Weekly office hours and live synchronous sessions 2 synchronous sessions during each 6-week course
Number of courses 4 courses total to complete the certificate 4 courses total to complete the certificate
Estimated learner hours/week 10–12 hours/week 8 hours/week
Duration 8 months total: 6 weeks per course, one course at a time 9 months total: 6 weeks per course, one course at a time
Details Certificates > Academic Certificates > Professional Development

Course Platform

Students access certificate courses online via Canvas for the Academic Certificate and via Canvas Catalog for the Professional Development Certificate. You access a class by logging into Canvas or Canvas Catalog, where you can watch lecture videos, attend synchronous videoconferencing sessions, access educational materials, post discussions, and more. Each course week runs Tuesday–Monday. Video lectures and other educational materials are available on-demand, so that you may work according to your own schedule during the six-week run of the course. Synchronous sessions with the instructor are recorded for later viewing.

Contact: Certificate in Health Care Innovation

If you have additional questions, please contact Katherine Ridella, Program Manager for Online Educational Initiatives, at 215-573-9378 or