Limited Free Night and Weekend Parking in the Lot 51 Garage


With thanks to our colleagues at the Penn Medicine Office of Parking and Transportation and PSOM Security, we are pleased to announce limited free parking on nights [7pm to 5am, Monday to Thursday] and weekends [Friday, 7pm to Monday, 5am] for our PSOM researchers. 

Beginning Monday, February 15th, PSOM will be provided with 20 parking passes that can be used at the Lot 51 Garage, located at the corner of Civic Center Blvd. and Health Sciences Dr.  This special program will continue throughout the spring, if there is adequate usage.

Those interested should sign-up on a first-come, first-serve basis via this form, which will be updated daily with sign-up dates.  Please only sign-up for the day that you need, and please note that if you miss two dates without notifying our office, you will no longer be able to participate in this free program.  If you lose the shared parking card, you will be responsible for a $30 replacement card fee.

Who is eligible:

Any member of our PSOM community who does not currently hold a Penn parking pass

How this works:

  • If you would like to use a parking pass for a weekday night (7pm to 5am, Monday to Thursday) or during the weekend (Friday, 7pm to Monday, 5am), sign up via this form
  • On this form, you will see available slots for the week, and you will receive a confirmation email immediately after sign-up if a pass is available to you
  • Bring the confirmation email to the security office on the first floor of Stellar Chance on the day that you need the pass (for example, if you plan to use it on Wednesday at 7pm, do not come to the office before 10am Wednesday)
  • Swipe-in at the Lot 51 Garage to park your vehicle
  • Swipe-out and immediately (or by 10am) return the parking pass to the Stellar Chance security office
  • Please read all the policies and procedures below if you would like to participate in this program

This program only works with every participants’ full cooperation.  If a pass is inadvertently kept or not returned for any reason, it impacts access for the next participant.

Please note that we are partnering with the Office of Parking and Transportation to best support the commuting concerns of our research community during this time when staggered schedules and shift-work are encouraged.  This trial program may have some logistical challenges during the initial implementation, and we appreciate your patience as we work through them.   We welcome your feedback, and we hope this will provide some assistance during this time.  If you have any questions, please contact Dorothy Leung in the Office of the EVD/CSO.

Thank you!

Jon Epstein, MD

Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer,

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer,

University of Pennsylvania Health System

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Policies and Procedures for Night/Weekend Researcher Parking

Lot 51 Garage

In an effort to provide safe and convenient parking for researchers who are required to attend to laboratories and/or observe experiments during the late night hours, parking has been established with the following criteria for the use in the Lot 51 Garage:

  1. Each pass card will have strictly adhered to time zone restrictions that will permit vehicle and pedestrian access entering and exiting the Lot 51 Garage.  Usage will be permitted Monday – Thursday 7:00pm – 5:00am and Friday night 7:00pm through Monday morning 5:00am.  You may only enter and exit the garage during these hours.
  2. Any abuse of the established time parameters may result in the pass card discontinuance from the parking arrangement.
  3. LOST OR STOLEN PASS CARDS:  Lost or stolen pass cards are to be reported immediately to the Penn Medicine Parking Office or the Lot 51 Garage parking manager.  Once reported, the pass card will be deactivated and a new pass card will be issued as a replacement.
  4. For security and energy conservation purposes, anyone using the Night and Weekend Researcher Parking Program in the Lot 51 Garage will park in the available spots on the lower levels of the garage.