An update on vaccinations


Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to strongly encourage all members of the Penn community to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if you have not already done so.  Based on our current access to supply as well as demand, our Penn vaccine clinic operations will be open for the initial dose for one more week, through Friday, April 30.  We invite all faculty and staff, regardless of place of residence, to take advantage of this opportunity.

We greatly appreciate those of you who have already been vaccinated.  As you know, the University recently announced that vaccinations will be mandatory for all students in the coming academic year.  It is more important than ever for all members of our community to choose to be vaccinated, both for your own safety and for the long-term safety of our community. 

There is now ample supply of vaccines both at our clinic and at pharmacies and other primary and health care providers throughout our area.  To sign up for a vaccine on Penn’s campus, please visit here.  Our existing supplies allow us to invite faculty and staff who do not reside in Philadelphia.

If you have any questions, you can learn more here.

We thank all of you for your tremendous work in helping our community stay safe and healthy as we continue to return to campus in the months ahead.

Jon and Chris

Jon Epstein, Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer


Chris Masotti, Vice Dean of Finance and Operations