2014 Art in Science Competition Winners

We are delighted to announce the 2014 winners of our annual “Art in Science” competition. We were pleased to receive a multitude of images from the Penn research community. We have awarded three prizes: one for Postdoctoral Fellows and two for Graduate Students. It is our pleasure to share the winning images below.

The full-sized images will be on display in the EVD/CSO Suite.

The 2014 Perelman School of Medicine “Art in Science” Competition Winners

Winner: Postdoctoral Fellow Category

Jessica Talamas

Capelson Lab

The imaginal discs of the fruit fly (D. melanogaster) are larval tissues which during metamorphosis give rise to adult structures such as the wings, legs, eyes and antennae.  These precursor tissues provide an elegant system in which to study cell differentiation and organ development in a living organism.  In this confocal microscopy image of a larval third instar eye/antennae disc, patterning of the developmental signaling molecule Armadillo is shown in green while the regions destined to become the posterior half of the adult eye and antennae are stained in red.  Cell nuclei are shown in blue.

Imaginal discs of the fruit fly
Imaginal discs of the fruit fly

Co-Winner: Graduate Student Category

Andrew Moore

Holzbaur Lab

This is an image of a neuromuscular junction taken at 60X on a confocal.  In purple, the motor end plate was stained using a snake venom derived neurotoxin called bungarotoxin.  In green, neurofilaments were stained using the SMI31 antibody.  The image was associated with a study in which examined the relationship between the motor protein dynein and key cell adhesion molecules at the NMJ. 

Neuromuscular junction taken at 60x on a confocal
"Neuromuscular junction taken at 60x on a confocal"

Co-Winner: Graduate Student Category

Amanda Yzaguirre

Speck Lab

This image is a Z-projection of the yolk sac vasculature at embryonic day 10.5. The vasculature has been pseudo-colored to demonstrate depth of the sample. The most distal optical sections are red, and then yellow and the most proximal sections are green. Hematopoietic cells within the vessels are immunostained for Runx1 (blue).

Z-projection of the yolk sac vasculature at embryonic day 10.5
"Z-projection of the yolk sac vasculature at embryonic day 10.5"