XTR alleles are inducible-reversable gene traps that allow Cre-mediated gene inactivation and FlpO-mediated gene restoration.

Mouse Quest

Mouse Quest is a Filemaker database to manage your mouse colony. Mouse quest keeps track of your mice, litters, breeding pairs, experiments and histological specimens.


pLentiCRISPRv2Cre is a lentiviral vector designed to target genes of interest within Cre-dependent genetically engineered mouse models. This vector is optimized to facilitate relatively high viral titers despite the large genome size.
Walter et al. Cancer Research 2017


pLentiCRISPRv2GFP was constructed to assess gRNA cutting efficiency in a transfection-based Sensor Assay. However, it can be used to establish gene targeted cell lines after sorting for GFP expression.
Walter et al. Cancer Research 2017


pNeoXTR mouse targeting vectors are available for trapping host genes from any reading frame (f0, f1, and f2).
Robles-Oteiza et al. Nat Comm 2015
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