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12/11/95 - The Fetal Echocardiography Homepage has been created.
08/05/96 - A counter on the Homepage has been installed.
06/11/96 - A reviev of the Homepage was included in the book "Internet Resources for Cardiology" by Ryozo Nogai published by BIOMEDIS, Tokyo 1996.
10/30/97 - The "Best Paper Award" was received by the authors.
11/03/97 - An article about the Homepage was published in the "Daily Pennsylvanian".
11/15/97 - A review of the Homepage was published in "The Lancet " by Marilynn Larkin.(The Lancet - Vol. 350, Issue 9089, 15 November 1997, Page 1454 ).
01/06/98 - Information about the Homepage published in U. of Penn. Media Review
05/12/98 - An information about the Homepage was published in the "E-chocardiography Journal".
09/01/98 - A link to the Homepage was published in a textbook "Echocardiography and Fetal Cardiology" by Maria Respondek-Liberska, published by MAKmed, Gdansk 1998.
09/25/98 - Discussion Forum was created.
11/05/98 - Fetal Calculator was created.
04/05/99 - Telemedicine Links were added..
04/22/99 - A new case: Ectopia Cordis was added
09/04/99 - A chapter about computer tools in echocariography including the Fetal Echocardiography Homepage published in "Problemy Kardiologiczne i Badania Dopplera u Plodu" edited by Maria Respondek-Liberska, ADI, Lodz 1999.
08/15/00 - Links to the Visible Human Male and Female were added.
10/01/00 - The Homepage received a Medical Award
10/05/00 - Major reconstruction of the page