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Who We Are

The Department of Family Medicine and Community Health advances Penn’s local and global impact by promoting health in Southeastern Pennsylvania through innovative and nationally recognized primary care, research and educational programs. The department is innovative, academically strong, and community-oriented. 

Our research has shown that health disparities can be eliminated by assuring equitable access to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions. We couple our health programs with efforts to address unmet social and behavioral health needs by fostering strong and enduring community partnerships with Penn.

Our Mission is to deliver equitable, high quality, and high value primary care by
  1. Partnering with patients, families, and communities to achieve optimal health
  2. Applying best evidence in person-centered care
  3. Generating and disseminating innovative research
  4. Educating scholars and creating leaders in family medicine and community health.
resident and patient ear exam
Our Vision is to be the leader in promoting thriving communities through advanced primary care for all by
  1. Enhancing value, quality, and access to primary care services at Penn Medicine.
  2. Improving health and eliminating disparities in the communities Penn serves.
  3. Developing innovations in advanced primary care and community health.
  4. Inspiring engagement within the family medicine and community health workforce.
CORE VALUES: Partnership | Excellence | Diversity | Respect | Social Consciousness
  1. Partnership - We will develop partnerships to achieve meaningful and sustainable impact.
  2. Excellence - We will strive to provide the highest quality care to our patients, families and communities.
  3. Diversity - We will foster intellectual, racial, social and cultural diversity.
  4. Respect - We will respect our colleagues, patients, and families and demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism through ethical behavior, collaboration, and self-education.
  5. Social Consciousness - We support efforts to address the social determinants of health care equity.
father and son in park