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Family Medicine is the medical specialty which provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and the family.

Our physicians, nurses and staff want what all patients want for themselves — to live well in good health. In Philadelphia and throughout the world, we embrace the responsibility of improving the lives and communities that need care the most. We care for those in the community because there is a need, a responsibility and a shared humanity. In the family practice process, the patient-physician relationship is initiated, established, developed and maintained for both sexes, for all ages, across time and independent of problem type.

I chose Family Medicine as a career because I wanted to care for my community. Each family should have a doctor they can turn to for help in times of need. Whether a sick child or a dying grandparent, it is those relationships that make Family Medicine so rewarding.

Joseph Teel, MD

Why We Practice

Clinicians specializing in family medicine are driven to provide comprehensive care to individuals, families, and communities.

Rather than focusing on a specific organ system or disease, Family Medicine doctors are able to diagnose and treat a variety of ailments. Our doctors are staunch advocates for their patients, and take the time to consider additional health factors in their patients' lives, including family and community circumstances and relationships.

Our Local Impact

For families and individuals who live in areas of the city where access to medical services is limited — and in many cases, nonexistent — a trip to the doctor can mean traveling across the city for basic care. To help fill this void, the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health brings support and care to the communities needing it most, with a major focus on partnering with organizations in urban Philadelphia neighborhoods.

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Why We Learn

One of the fastest growing specialties in medicine, Family Medicine clinicians are accountable for addressing a large majority of a patient's health care needs. Because of the specialty's ability to treat accross the lifespan, Family Medicine doctors are able to develop sustained parternships with their patients, and develop a comprehensive understanig of a person's health, including their social determinants of health and factors rooted in their community. Our students choose to learn family medicine because of their passion for providing comprehensive care that is person-centered and community-based.

Family Medicine Education

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Our practices integrate biological, clinical and behavioral sciences to provide the highest quality, comprehensive health care for patients of all ages. We provide service across the lifespan, from prenatal care to geriatrics, and can manage each organ system, and every disease entity.

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