Program Leadership

Stephanie AbbuhlExecutive Director
Stephanie B. Abbuhl, MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs, Department of Emergency Medicine

Stephanie Abbuhl MD is Professor in the department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. She is board certified in both emergency medicine and internal medicine and completed the ELAM (Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine) fellowship in 2005. Dr. Abbuhl played a key role in the evolution of Emergency Medicine into a full academic department at Penn and over the years has served in several leadership positions including Interim Chair, Medical Director for 14 years, Fellowship Director, and Vice Chair from 2004-2016. She has continued to actively practice and teach emergency medicine for 34 years. Dr. Abbuhl’s primary research interests include establishing evidence-based best practices for faculty development (men and women) and investigating causal factors and interventions to advance women’s careers in medicine.

Since 2001, Dr. Abbuhl has been the Executive Director of FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women, a unique faculty development program funded by the Dean to recruit, retain and advance women faculty and to promote women’s health research. In 2004, the FOCUS program received the AAMC’s Women in Medicine Leadership Development Award. Dr. Abbuhl’s experience with numerous innovative FOCUS initiatives led to the unique RO1-funded NIH-TAC (Transforming Academic Culture) trial for which she was PI, along with collaborator Dr. JA Grisso. This 4-year trial studied a multi-faced intervention in a cluster-randomized design across the entire school of medicine aimed at improving the academic productivity and job satisfaction of women faculty. Since 2013, along with a multidisciplinary team of Penn colleagues, Dr. Abbuhl has developed and co-led the Penn Pathways career-leadership program for men and women assistant professors in the STEM fields. Dr. Abbuhl’s recent awards have included the 2012 AAMC Group on Women in Medicine and Science Leadership Development Award, a national honor in recognition of her research and programmatic work on promoting women’s biomedical careers; the 2013 Trustee’s Council of Penn Women-Provost Award at Penn for her leadership in advancing women at the University of Pennsylvania; and the 2015 Arthur Asbury Outstanding Mentoring Award at the Perelman School of Medicine.

LWT March2016Director of Professional Development
Lucy Wolf Tuton, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Prevention and Population Health Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Associate Director, University of Pennsylvania National Clinician Scholars Program
Executive Director, Bridging the Gaps


Dr. Tuton is Adjunct Professor of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Prevention and Population Health in the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Tuton serves as Executive Director of Bridging the Gaps, a program linking the training of health professionals with the provision of health related service for vulnerable populations. The program is jointly administered by eight academic health centers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey who partner each year with over 100 community organizations serving vulnerable populations. In addition to the Bridging the Gaps Community Health Internship Program in all locations, the Philadelphia Bridging the Gaps Program has developed two additional program components, the Bridging the Gaps Seminar Series and the Bridging the Gaps Clinical Program. Dr. Tuton is also Director of Professional Development for FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women, a program promoting advocacy, education and research in women’s health and the advancement of women in academic medicine. In this capacity, she has developed professional skill building curricula, as well as curricula designed to offer women (and men) faculty and trainees opportunities to identify and work towards the fulfillment of personal and professional goals. Due to her role in FOCUS, she was a co-investigator on a unique RO1-funded study, the NIH-TAC (Transforming Academic Culture) Trial, to examine causal factors and interventions that promote women’s careers in science and medicine. This 4-year trial, the first of its kind, implemented a 3-tiered intervention in a cluster-randomized design across an entire school of medicine, aimed at improving the academic productivity and job satisfaction of women faculty. Since 2013, along with a team of multidisciplinary Penn colleagues, Dr. Tuton has developed a Penn Pathways career-leadership program for men and women assistant professors in the STEM fields at the request of the Penn Vice-Provost for the Faculty. Dr. Tuton was an Associate Director of the Perelman School of Medicine's Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program and at its conclusion became an Associate Director for the National Clinician Scholars Program. In this capacity, she is co-directs a career development curriculum.

HB photo croppedDirector of Research Programs
Hillary R. Bogner, MD MSCE
Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health
Associate Chair for Research, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health
Senior Scholar, Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Hillary R. Bogner MD MSCE is an Associate Professor in Family Medicine and a Senior Scholar in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Dr. Bogner earned her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology with honors from the University of Chicago and received her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She completed a residency in Family Medicine at the Thomas Jefferson University where she was Chief Resident in her third year. In 2001, she earned the Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Bogner investigates the integration of care for depression and medical co-morbidity in primary health care settings – a problem with high public health significance. She has chosen to focus on cardiovascular disease as a model for integration of care with depression. Her work in depression and CVD has focused on adherence to depression treatment as a serious problem limiting the public health impact of available effective treatment. In addition, she has contributed to materials directed at practicing physicians. Her work shows that early patterns of non-adherence to depression medication may be related to patient-level factors, setting the stage for targeted interventions. She has examined the role of medical co-morbidity in the recognition and treatment of depression among older adults, finding that depression is a significant contributor to mortality among persons with medical co-morbidity such as diabetes that can be mitigated with practice-based interventions. In other work, she studied how medical co-morbidity -- such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic medical conditions -- modifies response to depression treatment. Based on findings from patient interviews, Dr. Bogner developed an intervention integrating depression treatment with medical treatment for cardiovascular disease and has published the results of pilot studies testing its effectiveness. The intervention was informed by the findings of the K23 Award and the RWJF Generalist Physician Faculty Scholars Award. To further examine the effectiveness of integrated interventions for depression and cardiovascular disease she was awarded a Grant-in-Aid Award from the American Heart Association and a Clinical Research Award from the American Diabetes Association. She has a funded K18 (AHRQ) which is utilizing a participatory approach to inspire a new services delivery model for diabetes care. The basis of this model is to include patient’s nonbiomedical needs (financial, social, and emotional) as part of primary care treatment discussions and decisions. She is the Principal Investigator on a funded Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) project to fill gaps in the understanding of health care disparities as experienced by adults with disabilities and how differences in the quality of care received might be impacting their wellbeing. She recently completed an R21 (NIMH) to assess how different primary care practices approach implementation of the chronic care model for depression and diabetes and developed a tool kit to facilitate implementation.  She completed an R01 (NIMH) study to examine the course of depressive symptoms and medical comorbidity, studying the risk factors for the onset of major depression and suicidal ideation and an R34 (NIMH) to assess the feasibility of an intervention trial to improve adherence to depression and hypertension treatment. Her work has been recognized by the American Geriatrics Society, the American Public Health Association, and awards committees at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bridget KeoghManaging Director of Research Programs
Bridget Keogh, MPH

Bridget Keogh serves as the Managing Director of Research Programs for FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women and is responsible for managing the research and scholarship operations of the FOCUS program. Ms. Keogh earned her Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biobehavioral Health from The Pennsylvania State University and holds a Master’s of Public Health degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She has an array of experience including non-profit program management, research, and evaluation. Ms. Keogh’s research skills were honed at Penn’s Center for Mental Health Policy & Services Research where she worked closely with an interdisciplinary team to link evaluations and research findings with policy decisions and program implementation. As a member of this team, Bridget managed system transformation initiatives. Prior to joining the FOCUS team, Ms. Keogh developed the evaluation arm of Drexel’s Department of Population Health Management, where she designed and executed evaluations to inform the improvement of services for Drexel Medicine primary care patients. Ms. Keogh has designed and implemented mixed-methods research protocols and evaluations in partnership with service providers, community organizations, and local and state governments and she has presented research and evaluation findings regionally and nationally.

Susan Primavera headshotDirector of Operations
Susan Primavera

Susan Primavera serves as Director of Operations for FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women and is responsible for managing the overall day-to-day administrative and organizational infrastructure for FOCUS’ professional development and gender equity initiatives. Ms. Primavera is also responsible for analyzing the gender statistics for every department, rank and track in the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) and comparing these data with national statistics published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The FOCUS Benchmarks Initiative Report is a tool utilized across PSOM to monitor the efforts to improve the retention, promotion and recruitment of women in academic medicine. Ms. Primavera is also responsible for managing the administrative and organizational infrastructure for the Penn Faculty Pathways Program, a program co-sponsored by the Provost’s office along with Deans of the respective schools designed to enhance the personal and professional development of faculty members in the first phase of their careers at Penn.

Jeane Ann GrissoFounder
Jeane Ann Grisso, MD MSc
Emeritus Professor
Public Health, Nursing, & Medicine


Dr. Grisso has served as principal investigator of many federally-funded investigations focused on urban women’s health issues, including studies of reproductive health, intimate partner violence, menopause, and aging. Dr. Grisso recently returned to Penn after 7 years at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  At RWJF, Dr. Grisso and colleagues developed a $17-million national program to prevent teen dating violence as well as other programs addressing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Dr. Grisso is currently working with the City’s public health clinics to detect and refer patients who experience IPV. She is also Principal Investigator (with Stephanie Abbuhl as joint PI’s) of a recently funded NIH intervention program to improve the status of junior women faculty in academic medicine. Dr. Grisso was the founder of the program, FOCUS on the Health & Leadership of Women. She is a Senior Scholar and core faculty member of the Center for Public Health Initiatives at Penn. Dr. Grisso is joint PI with Dr. Stephanie Abbuhl (Executive Director of FOCUS) on the NIH RO1, "Achieving Success for Women & Academic Medicine: A Randomized Multi-level Trial,” one of only 14 grants awarded to examine causal factors and interventions that promote women’s careers in science and medicine.

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