FOCUS Poster Presentations

Impact of race on attrition of women faculty at a research-oriented medical school
Philadelphia, PA -- 2016

2016 Health Equity Poster View Abstract (PDF)

Factors impacting track change and attrition of women faculty
Baltimore, Maryland -- 2015

2015 AAMC Poster thumbnail View Abstract (PDF)

How a 3-tiered intervention impacted academic productivity of women medical faculty: results from the NIH-TAC (Transforming Academic Culture) Trial
(Chicago, IL – 2014)

academic productivity of women Poster thumbnail View Abstract (PDF)

A multi-level intervention to enhance the careers of women in academic medicine
(Washington, DC – 2014)

2014WomensHealthCongressPoster thumbnail View Abstract (PDF)

The role of mentorship in academic productivity and thoughts of quitting for women assistant professors (Philadelphia, PA – 2013)

2013AAMCPosterthmbnl View Abstract (PDF)

Self-reported barriers and solutions to clinical and research productivity perspectives of junior faculty (Minneapolis, MN 2013)

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A measure of Culture Conducive to Women's Academic Success (CCWAS): variation across departments and divisions at one academic institution (San Francisco, CA - 2012)

2012 Poster View Abstract (PDF)

Local interventions at the department level: a key component of a multi-tiered approach to promote institutional change (Denver, CO - 2011)

2011 Poster 1 View Abstract (PDF)

An overview of NIH-TAC trial progress (Denver, CO - 2011)

Women's health in academic medicine: the role of work-family conflict (Arlington, VA - 2011)

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Moving beyond defining the problem: a unique NIH funded multi-level intervention to enhance institutional culture and women's success in academic medicine (Washington, DC - 2010)

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Expanding our efforts to foster the next generation of women in medicine (Boston, MA - 2009)

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Nine year trends in faculty gender statistics (San Antonio, TX - 2008)

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Three new initiatives for FOCUS: expanding our efforts (Washington, DC - 2007)

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FOCUS initiatives and seven years of faculty gender data at the University of Pennsylvania school of medicine (Seattle, WA - 2006)

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Essential role of dean in partnership with FOCUS WIM program to foster institutional change (Seattle, WA - 2006)

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FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women (Washington, DC - 2005)

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FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women (Boston, MA - 2004)

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