Penn FTD Center Annual Caregiver Conference

The Penn FTD Center’s annual Caregiver Conference is for those diagnosed with FTD, and their caregivers, family, and friends to access information and support. With presentations from leading experts in neuropsychology, clinical care, genetics, cognitive neuroscience, and more, attendees hear the latest on innovative treatments, diagnostics, and practical caregiver strategies. The goal of these conferences is to empower caregivers and deliver real-time updates on clinical care and research discoveries.

October 2022 conference recording: Penn FTD Center 2022 Caregiver Conference - Oct. 14, 2022

*These sessions are together in one recording. If you would like to view a specific session from our 2022 Caregiver Conference, here is when each session starts in the recording:

  • 0:00 - Opening Remarks and Welcome - Murray Grossman, MD
  • 6:05 - What is Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD)? - Lauren Massimo, PhD, CRNP
  • 27:15 - Caregiver Strategies for Symptom Management - Gabriela Bustamante, MPH, RN
  • 1:02:00 - Genetics of FTD Spectrum Disorders - Laynie Dratch, ScM, CGC
  • 1:42:13 - Sponsored by Alector: Breakthroughs in Research - David Irwin, MD
  • 2:14:35 - Keynote - Moderator Melissa Livney, PsyD, caregivers Cathy Tully and Keith Bethel
  • 3:09:45 - Legal and Financial Considerations - Bess M. Collier, J.D., LL.M.
  • 3:38:00 - Psychosocial Needs - Kate Lietz, MSW, LSW

June 2021 virtual conference recording: PENN FTD Center Virtual Caregiver Conference 2021

June 2020 virtual conference recording: Penn FTD Center Virtual Caregiver Conference 2020 - YouTube