Familial Conference: Uncovering the Genetics of FTD/ALS

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Penn Familial FTD/ALS Conference

The Penn FTD Center’s annual Familial FTD/ALS Conference was founded in 2021. Our team understands that ALS, FTD, and related disorders can impact an entire family even when just one person is diagnosed. However, we also recognize the unique challenges and situations that arise from familial or genetic disease and have designed this exclusive event to recognize and address these topics for people living with or at risk for a familial and/or genetic form of FTD/ALS. Presenters include genetic counselors, neurologists, and social workers, with presentations focused on the genetics of FTD and ALS and related issues. We also include perspectives from members of families with genetic forms of FTD, and there are opportunities to engage with presenters for questions throughout the conference.

Inaugural event 2021 recording: https://vimeopro.com/ajievents/familialftd 

2nd Annual 2022 recording: https://mediasite.med.upenn.edu/mediasite/Play/6660f7e28d914763bdf0b951b7da5c3e1d