murray-grossman-006-cropped.original"Our center is dedicated to the care of individuals with Frontotemporal degeneration spectrum disorders. Understanding the basis for Frontotemporal degeneration will improve quality of life and lead to a cure for these conditions."





  • Corey McMillan PhD

    Corey McMillan PhD

    Associate Professor
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  • David Irwin MD

    David Irwin MD

    Assistant Professor
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     215- 662-3361
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  • Lauren Massimo PhD, CRNP

    Lauren Massimo PhD, CRNP

    Assistant Professor
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  • Murray Grossman MD, EdD

    Murray Grossman MD, EdD

    Professor of Neurology
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  • Sara Manning MD, MS

    Sara Manning MD, MS

    Assistant Professor
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  • Jeffrey Phillips PhD

    Jeffrey Phillips PhD

    Research Assistant Professor
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  • Katheryn Cousins

    Katheryn Cousins

    Research Assistant Professor
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  • Katya Rascovsky PhD

    Katya Rascovsky PhD

    Research Assistant Professor
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    Sarah Burke

    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Daniel Ohm PhD

    Daniel Ohm PhD

    Postdoctoral Fellow
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  • Emma Rhodes PhD

    Emma Rhodes PhD

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  • Barbara Spencer PhD

    Barbara Spencer PhD

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  • Naomi Nevler

    Naomi Nevler

    Research Assistant Professor
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  • Sanjana Shellikeri

    Sanjana Shellikeri

    Postdoctoral Fellow
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  • Christopher Olm

    Christopher Olm

    Bioengineering Doctoral Student
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  • Gabriela Bustamante

    Gabriela Bustamante

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Dahlia Kamel

    Dahlia Kamel

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Danielle Almstead

    Danielle Almstead

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Laynie Dratch ScM, CGC

    Laynie Dratch ScM, CGC

    Genetic Counselor
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  • Sharon Ash (PhD)

    Sharon Ash (PhD)

    Research Specialist C
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  • Quinn Hlava

    Quinn Hlava

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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    Claire Peterson

    Research Staff
  • Samantha Ballinger

    Samantha Ballinger

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Carmen Gonzalez-Recober

    Carmen Gonzalez-Recober

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Julia Kwiecinski

    Julia Kwiecinski

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Natalia Parjane

    Natalia Parjane

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Lizzy Fulop B.S.

    Lizzy Fulop B.S.

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Lynn Eickholt B.S

    Lynn Eickholt B.S

    Clinical Research Coordinator
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  • Brian Nelson (B.S)

    Brian Nelson (B.S)

    Data Management Systems
  • Wei Xu  MD, MBE

    Wei Xu MD, MBE

    Associate Director of Operations
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    Daneel Douglas

    Technical Support
  • Lyles Clark

    Lyles Clark

    Data Project Manager
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    Olivia Vozzella

    Administrative Coordinator
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