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Course Requirements

GCB students are required to take 7 “core” courses. These requirements will help achieve a more uniform core knowledge among GCB students. The courses are:

The remaining courses will consist of electives of the student’s choice for a total of 10 courses (6 for combined degree students). In Year 1, students will be expected to take 3 courses per semester (plus rotations). In Year 2 that number is reduced, and students will be expected to take 2 courses per semester (plus pre-dissertation research). They will receive 2 CUs per semester for their Pre-Dissertation research, and are expected to put more time into their lab work than they did as first year students.

Sample schedule:

PhD sample course schedule

CD sample course schedule

Qualifying Approach and Biological Specialty Courses:

Approach Courses

Biological Specialty Courses

BSTA 621: Statistical Inference I (Spring) BIOL 410: Advanced Evolution (Fall of odd years)
BSTA 630: Statistical Methods and Data Analysis (Fall)
CAMB 431: Genome Science and Genome Medicine (Spring)

CIS 502: Algorithms (Fall)

CAMB 532: Human Physiology (Fall)

CIS 519: Intro to Machine Learning (Fall/Spring)

BIOL 483: Epigenetics (Fall)

CIS 520: Machine Learning (Fall/Spring)

BIOL 485: RNA World (Spring)

CIS 550: Databases (Fall)

GCB 493: Epigenetics of Human Health (Spring)

CIT 590: Programming Languages and Techniques (Fall)

CAMB 550: Genetic Principles (Spring)

This list is not exhaustive, and additional qualifying courses may be approved by the Advising Committee and GCB Chair.