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Life in GCB

Year 1
-Lab rotations
-Attend lectures, seminars
-Selecting a thesis lab
Year 2
-More classes
-Attend lectures, seminars
-Lab work
-Candidacy Exam
Year 3
-Choosing a Thesis Committee
-Funding Opportunities
-Conferences and presentations
Year 4
Year 5 and beyond
-Looking for a job
-Thesis Defense

GCB Activities
Chalk Talks
These weekly talks allow GCB students and faculty members to present their research. This year's schedule can be found here.

Penn Bioinformatics Forum
The Penn Bioinformatics Forum has a long history of bringing in top speakers in bioinformatics from academia and industry. GCB students are invited for a lunch meeting with the PBF speakers. Students also organize two PBF seminars per year. This year's schedule can be found here.

IBI/GCB Retreat

The annual IBI/GCB retreat usually takes place in the late spring or early summer. The retreat features faculty, current and former students, postdocs and keynote speakers. During lunch, GCB students present posters on their research. For more information on our past retreat, view our flyer.

Welcome back party
Every fall, GCB hosts a welcome back party. This event allows faculty and students to connect in an informal setting and also introduces the incoming class to the program.

End of the Year BBQ
Senior students plan this annual BBQ to celebrate the 2nd years finishing their candidacy exams and the end of the academic year.

Student planned social events
GCB students plan monthly social events which includes game nights, movie nights, and holiday parties.

Python Bootcamp
Workshop to help graduate students and postdocs in the Bio/Biomedical fields learn the basics of Python. GCB students don't actually take the bootcamp, but help out as TAs.

Ways students can get involved: