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Thesis Phase


Thesis Research and PhD Mentorship

The GCB program is designed to provide mentorship and develop skills that will produce independent research scientist in the field of genomics and computational biology.

It is the responsibility of the advisor and the thesis committee to evaluate the scientific quality and importance of the student's work and to decide at which point the student will receive permission to write the thesis. It is expected that the body of work accomplished is relevant and important to the scientific community. This criterion can be met by having at least two first-author papers published or "in press" in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our program is highly interdisciplinary and it is expected that while some students will gain a balanced training in experimental, computational, and statistical areas, others may master a specific field (in genomic or computational biology) but, at the same time, develop competence in the other areas. In other words, a student with a strong background in one area (genomics or computational biology) should develop skills that will facilitate productive interactions with investigators in other fields.