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  Name Research
Roberto Bonasio Development of genomic resources for ants as models for epigenetics
Sara Cherry Genetic and mechanistic studies of viral-host interactions
Garret FitzGerald
Regulation of peripheral clock biology
Brian Gregory Mechanisms and regulation of RNA silencing pathways
Paula Henthorn
Characterization and therapy of canine and feline genetic disease for the development of treatments and DNA-based genetic tests and as models of human genetic disease.
Eric Joyce The Joyce lab studies how chromosomes are functionally organized and folded in 3-D space and time.
Klaus Kaestner Comparative analysis of mouse and human beta-cell epigenomes
John Murray Defining developmental regulatory networks and mechanisms
Scott Poethig Genetic regulation of the juvenile-to-adult transition in plants. The developmental function of RNAi in plants
David Roos Studies in the Roos laboratory employ modern cell biological, molecular genetic, biochemical/pharmacological, immunological and genomic/bioinformatic techniques to study protozoan parasites, eukaryotic evolution, and the biology of host-pathogen interactions.
Doris Wagner Molecular mechanisms controlling developmental transitions in response to environmental and endogenous cues.
Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou Comparative analysis of the epigenome in human and mouse neurons