Students are required to attend GCB Chalk Talks and the monthly Penn Bioinformatics Forum (PBF) seminar series. The Graduate Group tracks attendance and participation in these activities, and they are considered an integral part of the GCB curriculum.

GCB Chalk Talks

Chalk Talks offer students an opportunity to present their research to other GCB students and faculty. GCB Chalk Talks also provide the opportunity for GCB faculty candidates to present their research, and for students to learn more about potential lab rotations. Schedule for Spring 2020 can be found here.

Penn Bioinformatics Forum

The Penn Bioinformatics Forum has a long history of bringing top speakers in bioinformatics from academia and industry. All GCB students are invited for a lunch meeting with the PBF speakers. GCB students and students also organize two PBF seminars per year (i.e. they select speakers, send the invitations, organize the schedule and meet with speakers on an individual basis, while Penn faculty meet the speaker for lunch and dinner as a group).