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  Name Research
Dustin Brisson Development of whole genome sequencing technologies for microbes in complex
Rick Bushman Human microbiome, HIV, integration of new DNA
Casey Brown Our research focuses on how genotypes produce phenotypes and how they vary and evolve.
Pablo Camara The focus of our lab is on the development and application of innovative computational approaches to the study of cellular heterogeneity and its role in disease. 
Laura Conlin

Detection and interpretation of clinically relevant structural variants.

Sharon Diskin Research interests: translational genomics in childhood
Robert Babak Faryabi Development of clinical grad somatic calling approaches.
Elizabeth Grice Microbiome sequence analysis-whole metagenomic shotgun and 16S rRNA
Shane Jensen Sequence-based factors that influence gene expression
Junhyong Kim Single cell genomics, systems biology of cell function, evolution of cell function, population genetics and phylogenetics
Mingyao Li Development of statistical methods and algorithms for RNA-seq data analysis,
including single-cell RNA-seq data. Focus is on the development of methods for isoform expression quantification, differential expression, differential alternative splicing, and eQTL analyses.
John Maris Dr. Maris's research focuses on translational genomics and genetics of neuroblastoma.
Kate Nathanson Inherited and somatic genetics and genomics of cancer, developing piplines for analysis, integration of inherited and somatic genetics
Scott Poethig Genetic regulation of the juvenile-to-adult transition in plants. The developmental function of RNAi in plants
Jeffrey Saven Sequence variation, identification of remote homologs
Gerard Schellenberg  
Li Shen The central theme of the Shen lab is focused on developing computational and informatics methods for integrative analysis of multimodal imaging data, high throughput omics data, cognitive and other biomarker data, electronic health record data, and rich biological knowledge (e.g., pathways and networks), with applications to various complex disorders.
Christian Stoeckert OrthoMCL for ortholog groups of protein sequences
Kai Tan Our lab is interested in Systems Biology of gene regulation in normal and disease development.
Sarah Tishkoff Whole genome and exome sequence analysis across ethnically diverse humans
Benjamin Voight Discovery of pathogenic, rare, non-coding variation for type-2 diabetes
Kai Wang The research in our laboratory focuses on the development of bioinformatics methods to improve our understanding of the genetic basis of human diseases, and the integration of electronic health records and genomic information to facilitate genomic medicine on scale.
faculty photo Li-San Wang Discovery of variation for Alzheimer's disease
Yi Xing Yi Xing The long-term goal of our research is to elucidate alternative isoform complexity in mammalian transcriptomes and proteomes