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  Name Research
Dustin Brisson Development of spectral matching technologies to address evolutionary and ecological questions in vector-borne
Ravi Radhakrishnan Protein Structure and Function, Signal Transduction, Cell Membrane Mediated Trafficking, Cancer, DNA Repair, Targeted Drug Delivery
Jeffrey Saven The Saven group uses theory and computation to study biomolecules, polymers, and condensed phase systems.
Kim Sharp The goal of my research is to gain a detailed understanding at the molecular and physical chemical level of how proteins bind and recognize other proteins, drugs, ligands and nucleic acids.
David Speicher The Speicher laboratory uses proteomics, computational methods, and biophysical approaches to characterize the roles of normal and mutant proteins in cancers and other human diseases.
Yi Xing Yi Xing The long-term goal of our research is to elucidate alternative isoform complexity in mammalian transcriptomes and proteomes