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Thesis defenses

April 2019

Raju Mishra
April 1, 11:00am, Class of ’62 Auditorium, JMB
Title: TBD
Advisor: Struan Grant

Alex Amlie-Wolf
April 12, 1:30pm, Class of ’62 Auditorium, JMB
Title: TBD
Advisor: Li-San Wang

February 2019

Greg Way
February 11, 1:00pm, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title: Discovering pathway and cell-type signatures in transcriptomic compendia with machine learning
Advisor: Casey Greene

February 2018

Elizabeth Piette
February 20, 2pm, Reunion Hall, JMB
Title:Strategies for improving epistasis detection and replication
Advisor: Jason Moore

November 2017

Erik Clarke
November 21, 4pm, Law Auditorium, JMEC
Title: Metagenomic applications in idiopathic and immune diseases
Advisor: Rick Bushman

September 2017

Brett Beaulieu-Jones
September 5, 2:30pm, Class of '62 Auditorium, JMB
Title: Machine Learning Methods to Identify Hidden Phenotypes in the Electronic Health Record
Advisors: Casey Greene and Jason Moore

June 2017

Jackie Meisel
June 22, 1pm, Gaulton Auditorium, BRB
Title: Metagenomic and Transcriptomic Insights into the Skin Microbiome and Host Response
Advisor: Elizabeth Grice

April 2017

Yuchao Jiang
April 4, 12pm, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: Statistical methods for genomic and transcriptomic sequencing
Advisor: Nancy Zhang

Xiao Ji

April 17, 12:30pm, 11-146AB Smilow
Title: Essential genes and their role in autism spectrum disorder
Advisor: Maja Bucan

March 2017

Sarah Middleton

March 13, 11am, 11-146AB Smilow
Title: Structure-function relationships of RNA and protein in synaptic plasticity
Advisor: Junhyong Kim

December 2016

Krishna Vijayendran

December 19, 3pm, CRB Austrian Auditorium
Title: Computational approaches for designing protein/inhibitor complexes and membrane protein variants
Advisor: Jeff Saven

August 2016

Nate Berkowitz

August 18, 11am, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: Genome Wide Approaches for Studying RNA Secondary Structure
Advisor: Brian Gregory

Varun Aggarwala
August 29, 3pm, CRB Austrian Auditorium
Title: Human Mutation/Substitution Rate: Variability, Modeling and Applications
Advisor: Ben Voight

April 2016

Eric Chen
April 20, 9am, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: Microbiome and Metagenomics: Statistical Methods, Computation and Application
Advisor: Hongzhe Li

November 2015

Yih-Chii Hwang
November 16, 10am, 9-146AB Smilow
Title: Identification of long-range regulatory elements in the human genome
Advisors: Li-San Wang and Brian D. Gregory

Josh Burdick
November 19, 1pm, 302 CRB
Title: Regulation of tissue-specific expression in the C. elegans embryo
Advisor: John I. Murray

Derek Oldridge
November 20, 9am, Class of '62, JMB
Title: Insights into neuroblastoma initiation and disease progression through integrative genomics and epigenomics
Advisors: John Maris and Sharon Diskin

October 2015

Hannah Dueck

October 29, 9:30am, Reunion Auditorium, JMB
Title: Single-cell gene expression variation as a cell-type-specific trait: a study of mammalian gene expression using single-cell RNA sequencing
Advisor: Junhyong Kim