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Penn Genomic Analysis Core (PGAC)

In early 2014 the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) and the Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) combined two NCI CCSG supported cores, the DNA Sequencing Facility(DSF) and the Molecular Profiling Facility (MPF) into one core called the Penn Genomic Analysis Core (PGAC). Tapan Ganguly, PhD, director of the DNA Sequencing Facility, took over as the director of the combined core.

The platforms, capabilities, locations, and technical staff of DSF, as well as MPF, all remain the same. The ACC members and other investigators continue to access the respective facility websites for making online service requests, sample tracking, and data retrieval for DNA sequencing and genomic analyses.

DNA Sequencing Facility

Sequencing Services
• Sanger Sequencing
• Next-Generation sequencing on Ion Torrent PGM and Proton

Microsatellite-based Genotyping & Fragment Analysis

Molecular Biological Services
• PCR, Cloning, Sub-cloning, Mutagenesis, Gene Targeting Constructs


Molecular Profiling Facility

SNP Genotyping
• 1 or more SNPs on ABI QS12K FLEX
• 24 or more SNPs on Fluidigm BioMark HD
• 900K SNPs & 1M CNV probes on Affymetrix platform
• 650K SNPs, 96 samples on Gene Titan (Affymetrix)

Gene Expression
• 1 or more genes on ABI QS12K FLEX
• 3 or more genes, 96 samples on Luminex
• 24 or more genes, 96 samples on Fluidigm
• Whole transcriptome on Affymetrix platform
• Transcriptome, 96 samples on Gene Titan (Affymetrix)