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Guidelines for Teaching Assistantships for Doctoral Students

1. All doctoral students are required to teach for one semester (six hours per week) without pay as part of their graduation requirement.

2. Students may be required to teach during additional semesters to meet departmental obligations for teaching assistants. Students who teach more than one semester (six hours per week) will receive compensation beyond the graduation requirement.

3. The time allocated for teaching is expected to occur over and above the hours required for a student's research assistantship or traineeship on a training grant, unless the annual funding letter states otherwise.

4. Students in their last six months of the program or in their first 18 months will not be required to teach unless stipulated in the annual funding letter. Once exception to this guideline involves second-year students who will take the qualifying exam in January and who may be asked to provide teaching assistance during the gall preceding the exam in one of the courses that comprise the exam.

5. Over the course of their program students will not be required to be a teaching assistant for more than four semesters (6 hours per week). This level of teaching is consistent with other BGS programs.

6. As a general rule a Biostatistics course requires 8 students in order to qualify for a teaching assistant (6 hours per week).