Travel and Reimbursements


  • Reimbursements must be submitted no more than 182 days from the date of the expense, and can be submitted via Concur
  • If requesting per diem (recommended) itemized meal receipts are not required.
  • Amtrak and plane tickets should be purchased through the department, and are not eligible for reimbursement without prior approval. 
  • List of Required Documents to be Uploaded
    •  A21 Grant Expense Form (if advisor is paying with grant funds) or:
    • Concur Expense Justification Form (if advisor is using funds from their SOM-D, Retention, or Startup accounts)
    • Statement of Business Connection Form (only student is required to sign)
    • Taxi/Rideshare Receipts
    • Itemized meal receipts if not requesting per diem
    • Hotel receipt, itemized by night
    • Proof of attendance (name badge, conference program showing student name)
Required Forms