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Penn medical and nursing students who have completed their core clinical clerkships and are proficient in Spanish have done rotations at Hospitalito Atitlán ranging from one to three months.

Penn Med students who have done clinical rotations at Hospitalito Atitlán:

2005: Avantika Chander, Jessica Weisbein

2006: Cynthia Bartus, Cara Cipriano, Mously Almoza

2007: Bao Tran, Julie Cooper, Jess Reilly


Nurses who can organize training workshops in Spanish for Hospitalito Atitlán nurses are particularly needed.


Several Penn resident and attending physicians have volunteered their clinical skills and expertise at Hospitalito Atitlán. Family medicine, emergency medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, general surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics physicians are particularly encouraged to get involved.

The utility of handheld ultrasound evaluation in an austere medical setting after a natural disaster: Dr. Anthony Dean’s (Department of Emergency Medicine) report from his work on a medical relief team in Santiago Atitlán just after Hurricane Stan. Dr. Dean has provided vital training in ultrasound skills to doctors at Hospitalito Atitlán.

Penn residents who have volunteered at Hospitalito Atitlán:

2006: Eli Zeserson (Emergency Medicine)

2007: Dustin Marks (Emergency Medicine)

Penn attending physicians who have volunteered at Hospitalito Atitlán:

2005: Anthony Dean (Emergency Medicine), Judith Fischer (Family Medicine)

2006: Kent Bream (Family Medicine), Esther Chen (Emergency Medicine)