Max Kade Clinical Clerkship Program

Through the generosity of the American Austrian Foundation (AAF), Penn medical students entering their final year are invited to apply for the Max Kade Clinical Clerkship for a one-month clinical elective in Austria in March or April 2018. The elective exposes American medical students to medical practices in Austria, allowing them to gain experience in a different health care environment. Students rotate through a department at the University Hospital of Vienna, the General Hospital in Salzburg and/or other highly respected institutions. MS4 students who have completed their required rotations are eligible to apply for the four week clerkship. The Fellowship provides a travel stipend and modest accommodations, as well as a small amount of “pocket money.” Please note that food, personal, and local travel expenses are not covered by the clerkship and prices in Europe are high. You can find details on the AAF website.

Application deadline is in mid-August; Andie Yost sends an announcement to students in mid-June with application information.

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