McCracken/MacCracken Student Travel Award for Indigenous Health

Susannah Colt will be heading to the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, AK where she will participate in a clinical rotation in the ICU. Many congratulations Susannah!

Two McMac Awards are provided each year to MS4s on clinical rotations with the IHS. If you are interested in learning more contact CGH.

about the Mccracken/maccracken (MCMAC) Student travel award for indigenous health

Established through the generosity of Dr. Joan MacCracken MD'71, this award provides financial assistance to 2 final year medical students participating in educational and experiential learning at Indigenous health sites in the United States.

Dr. Joan MacCracken MD ’71 established this award on the occasion of her 50th Medical School Reunion to provide Penn medical students the unique opportunity to challenge their cultural biases, familiar surroundings, and medical aptitude. In 1974, after completing her Pediatric Residency in Denver, Colorado, Dr. MacCracken and her husband moved to Crownpoint, New Mexico to work at the Indian Health Service Hospital. Her two years of medical service with the Navajo people, and later with the Yup’ik natives of Alaska and the Miskito people of Nicaragua, were stimulating, rewarding and memorable. Dr. MacCracken hopes to encourage Penn Med students to experience culturally different medical environments and in parallel to grow in their professionalism.

The McCracken/MacCracken Travel Award honors Dr. MacCracken's grandfather, Dr. Josiah Calvin McCracken MD ’01, and his Penn alumni descendants.

Learn more about the McCracken/MacCracken's longstanding commitment to Penn.