Pranay Nadella, MPhil

Associate Scholar

  •  MD Candidate | University of Pennsylvania
  •   India | Tanzania | United States
  •   Community health | Health Systems Strengthening | Healthcare Policy

Languages: English (Native), French (Limited Working Proficiency), Telugu (Elementary Proficiency)

Bio statement

I am a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania and I received my Masters in Epidemiology from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. My passions are for improved healthcare delivery and health system strengthening in under-resourced settings. Specifically, I am interested in how the social determinants of health impede access to healthcare and how community-based interventions, like community health worker interventions, can overcome these determinants. Drawing upon my background in epidemiology, I use quantitative approaches and large datasets to explore the complexity underlying these questions in healthcare access and delivery.

Recent global health projects

For my Masters Thesis, I researched the Impact of India's Community Health Workers on Antenatal and Infant Health. Specifically, we examined how receiving antenatal care from a community health worker affects outcomes including antenatal care utilization, quality of antenatal care, early initiation of breastfeeding, birthweight, and one-year mortality. Using multiple variable regressions, we found that receiving antenatal care from Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) and Anganwadi Workers leads to improved outcomes, including antenatal care utilization, antenatal care quality, early initiation of breastfeeding, and one-year mortality. This project used data on over 160,000 women collected by India's 2015-2016 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4).

With regards to the social determinants of healthcare access, I led a research project on the determinants of delayed or incomplete diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccination timing in urban and rural Tanzania. This research was conducted on over 30,000 infants through a prospective cohort study among newborns enrolled in a neonatal vitamin A supplementation trial (NEOVITA). Using log-binomial models, we found that between urban and rural Tanzania certain risk factors for delayed vaccination, like younger maternal age and poorer households, were shared across settings while others, like timing of first antenatal care visit, were not.

Selected publications

Nadella, P., Subramanian, S.V., Roman-Urrestarazu, Andres. The impact of community health workers on antenatal and infant health in India: A cross-sectional study. SSM-Population Health (2021).

Nadella, P., Swaminathan, A. & Subramanian, S.V. Forecasting efforts from prior epidemics and COVID-19 predictions. Eur J Epidemiol (2020).

Nadella, P., Butler, E., Kangovi, S. Defeating COVID-19 Locally: The Community Health Worker Ground Game. Harvard Primary Care Blog. 2020.

Nadella, P. & Navathe, A. The Media Needs to Incorporate Principles of Research Communication to Improve COVID-19 Reporting. Healthcare (2020).

Neicun, J., Yang J.C., Shih H., Nadella, P., van Kessel, R., Negri, A., Czabanowska, K., Brayne, C., Roman-Urrestarazu, A.  Lifetime prevalence of novel psychoactive substances use among adults in the USA: Sociodemographic, mental health and illicit drug use correlates. Evidence from a population-based survey 2007–2014.  PLOS ONE (2020). 

Connolly, J., Nadella, P., Grande, D. Health Care In The Next Congress—Policy Positions Of The Incoming 2021 House Of Representatives. Health Affairs Blog (2020).