Figure 3 from Law and Gold, 2009, depicting reinforcement-driven changes in weights between sensory and decision neurons. Figure 1C from Wilson et al, 2010, illustrating the message-passing updating rule used for Bayesian on-line belief updating in change-point problems. Figure 5a from Bennur and Gold, 2011, illustrating the proportion of LIP neurons selective for target color, motion direction, and saccadic choice.

Gold lab code

We have developed the following publically available Matlab code for controlling psychophysics (and, hopefully in the near future, electrophysiology) experiments:

tower-of-psych [project/documentation] facilitates the design and development of experiments in Matlab by providing tools to model and visualize high-level organization and flow control.

snow-dots [project/documentation] defines nuts and bolts for writing and running Psychophysics experiments in Matlab, including tools for communicating with USB-based HIDs (Human Interface Devices), generating graphics (via OpenGL, using MGL), and distributing objects across Matlab instances using a client-server model.

dotsX [project] is now obsolete, replaced by tower-of-psych and snow-dots.