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Recent Publications

Ducommun Priest M, Navarro MF, Bremer J, Granato M. 2019. Dynein promotes sustained axonal growth and Schwann cell remodelling early during peripheral nerve regeneration.

Jain, R. A. Jain, Wolman M.A., Marsden K.C. Nelson J.C., Shoenhard, H., Echeverry F.A., Christina Szi, C., Bell, H., Skinner, J., Cobbs E.N., Sawada, K., Zamora, A, Pereda, A.E., Granato, M. 2018. A forward genetic screen identifies the G-protein coupled receptor CaSR as a regulator of sensorimotor decision making. Current Biology. Click here to read it.

Marsden, K.C., Jain , R.A , Wolman, M.A., Echeverry, F.A., , Nelson, J.C,, Hayer, K.E., Miltenberg, Pereda, A.E., Granato, M. A Cyfip2-dependent excitatory interneuron pathway establishes the innate startle threshold. Cell Reports. Click here to read it.

Bremer, J., Skinner, J., Granato, M. 2017: A small molecule screen identifies in vivo modulators of peripheral nerve regeneration in zebrafish. PLoSOne e0178854 click here to read it.

Miller, A.C, Whitebirch, A.C, Shah, A.N, Marsden, K.C, Granato, M, O'Brien, J, Moens C.B. 2017. A genetic basis for molecular asymmetry at vertebrate electrical synapses. Elife. pii: e25364 click here to read it.

Bremer, J. and Granato, M. (2016)  Myosin phosphatase fine-tunes zebrafish motoneuron position during axonogenesis. PloS Genetics, e1006440 click here to read it

Hoffman EJ, Turner KJ, Fernandez JM, Cifuentes D, Ghosh M, Ijaz S, Jain RA, Kubo F, Bill BR, Baier H, Granato M, Barresi MJ, Wilson SW, Rihel J, State MW, Giraldez AJ. 2016: Estrogens suppress a behavioral phenotype in zebrafish mutants of the autism risk gene CNTNAP2. Neuron. 17;89(4):725-33.

Remédio L, Gribble KD, Lee JK, Kim N, Hallock PT, Delestrée N, Mentis GZ, Froemke RC, Granato M, Burden SJ. 2016: Divergent roles for Lrp4 and Wnt signaling in neuromuscular synapse development during evolution. Genes Dev. 30(9):1058-69.Click here to read it.

Marsden, K.C. & Granato, M. 2015: In vivo Ca imaging reveals that decreased dentritic excitability drives startle habituation. Cell Reports 13, 1733-40. pdf.

Isaacman-Beck, J., Schneider, V., Franzini-Armstrong, C, Granato, M. 2015: The lh3 glycosyltransferase directs target selective peripheral nerve regeneration. Neuron 88, 1-13. pdf. UPENN Press Release! Highlight in Nature Review Neuroscience.

Wolman, M.A., Jain, R.A., Marsden, K.C., Bell, H., Skinner, J., Hayer, K.E., Hogenesch, J.B., Granato, M. 2015: A genome-wide screen identifies PAPP-AA mediated IGFR signaling as a novel regulator of habituation learning. Neuron 85 1200-11.pdf. Preview by Ardie and Rankin pdf. UPENN Press Release!

Banerjee, S., Hayer, K., Hogenesch, J., Granato, M. 2015: Zebrafish foxc1a drives appendage -specific neural circuit development. Development (142), 753-762. pdf.

Rosenberg, A., Isaacman-Beck, J, Franzini-Armstrong, C, Granato, M. 2014: Schwann cells and DCC direct regenerating motor axons towards their original path. J. Neuroscience (44) 14668-81. pdf This work is featured in 'This week in the Journal'. Movies for Rosenberg et al.: Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3, Movie 4.

Wolman, M.A., DeGroh, E., McBride, S.M., Jongens, T.A., Granato*, M., Epstein*, J.A. (*senior co-authors) 2014. Modulation of cAMP and Ras signaling pathways improve distinct behavioral deficits in a zebrafish model of Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Cell Reports 8, 2014. pdf.
UPENN Press release

Jain, RA., Bell, H., Lim A., Chien, C.B. and Granato, M. 2014. Mirror movement-like defects in startle behavior of zebrafish DCC mutants are caused by abberant midline guidance of identified descending hindbrain neurons. J. Neuroscience (34), 2898-2909. pdf.

Sainath, R., Granato, M. 2013. Plexin A3 and turnout regulate motor axonal branch morphogenesis in zebrafish. PLoSONE.

Banerjee, S., Isaacman-Beck, J., Schneider, V., and Granato, M. 2013. A novel role for LH3 dependent ECM modifications during neural crest cell migration in zebrafish. PLoS One. e54609

Gyda, M. Wolman, M., Lorent, K. and Granato, M. The tumor suppressor gene retinoblastoma-1 is required for retinotectal development and visual function in zebrafish. 2012. PLoS Genetics e1003106. pdf

Rosenberg, A., Wolman, M, Franzini-Armstrong, C, Granato, M. In vivo macrophage-nerve interactions following peripheral nerve injury. 2012. J. Neuroscience (32), 4440-56. pdf and comment

Gordon, L.R., Gribble, K.D., Syrett, C. M. & Granato, M. 2012 . Initiation of synapse formation by Wnt-induced MuSK endocytosis. Development, 139, 1023-33.

Jain, R.A., Wolman, M. A., Schmidt, .LA., Burgess, H.A. & Granato, M. 2011. Molecular-genetic mapping of zebrafish mutants with variable phenotypic penetrance. PLoS One. 6(10):e26510. Epub 2011 Oct 19.

Wolman, M. A., Jain, R.A., Liss, L. & Granato, M. 2011. Chemical modulation of memory formation in larval zebrafish PNAS, 108, 15468-73.

Banerjee, S., Gordon, L.R., Donn, T.M., Berti, C., Moens, C.B., Burden, S.J. and Granato, M. 2011. A novel role for MuSK and non-canonical Wnt signaling during segmental neural crest cell migration. Development, 138, 3287-96.

Burgess, H.A, Schoch, H., Granato, M. 2010. Distinct retinal pathways drive spatial orientation behaviors in zebrafish navigation. Current Biology, 20, 381-386

Temporal and spatial requirements of unplugged/MuSK function during zebrafish neuromuscular development.2010. Jing L, Gordon L.R, Shtibin E, Granato M. PLoS One. 22;5(1):e8843.

Jing, L, Lefebvre, J., Gordon, L. and Granato, M. 2009. Wnt signals organize synaptic prepattern and axon guidance through the unplugged/MuSk receptor. Neuron 61(5):721-33.

Burgess, H. A., Granato, M. 2008. The neurogenetic frontier-lessons from misbehaving zebrafish. Briefings in Functional Genomics and Proteomics, 7, 474-482.

Lefebvre, J., Becaficco, S., Franzini-Armstrong, C. and Granato, M. 2007. Differential requirement for MuSK and Dystroglycan in generating patterns of neuromuscular innervation. PNAS,104(7):2483-8.

Burgess, H. A., Granato, M. 2007. Sensorimotor gating of the startle response in larval zebrafish. J. Neuroscience 27(18):4987-94

Palaisa, K. A. , Granato, M. 2007. Analysis of zebrafish sidetracked mutants reveals a novel role for plexin-A3 in intraspinal motor axon guidance. Development, 134(18), 3251-7.

Schneider, V. A. , Granato, M. 2006. The myotomal diwanka (lh3) glycosyltransferase and type VIII collagen are critical for motor growth cone migration. Neuron, 50, 1-13.

Birely, J., Schneider, V. A., Santana, E., Dosch, R., Wagner, D. S., Mullins, M. C., Granato, M. 2005 Genetic screens for genes controlling nerve-muscle development and interactions. Developmental Biology, 280, 162-76.

Zhang, J., Lefebvre, J. L, Zhao, S. and Granato, M. 2004. The zebrafish unplugged gene encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase essential for motor axon pathfinding. Nature Neuroscience, 7, 1303-1309

Lefebvre, J. L. , Ono, F., Puglielli, C., Seidner, G., Brehm, P., Franzini-Armstrong, C. and Granato, M. 2004. Increased neuromuscular activity causes axonal defects and muscular Degeneration. Development 131, 2605-18.

Rauch, G.J., Granato, M., Haffter, P. A polymorphic zebrafish line for genetic mapping using SSLPs on high-percentage agarose gels. Technical Tips Online.
(This is the original paper describing the WIK L11 line and using non-radioactive electrophoresis for CA repeat mapping).