Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Grice Lab

Previous Trainees


Graduate students

Name — Position after leaving the Grice Lab

Casey Bartow-McKenney (Ph.D.) - Data Scientist,

Jacquelyn Meisel (Ph.D.) - Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Maryland, College Park

Adam SanMiguel (Ph.D.) - Consultant, ClearView Healthcare Partners

Michael Loesche (Ph.D.) - Medical school, University of Pennsylvania

Geoffrey Hannigan (Ph.D.) - Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan


Post-doctoral Fellows

Name — Position after leaving the Grice Lab

Laurice Flowers, Ph.D. - Clinical Microbiology Fellow, Indiana University Health Pathology Laboratory, Indianapolis

Charles Bradley, V.M.D. - Assistant Professor of Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Lindsay Kalan, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Ana Misic, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Brendan Hodkinson, Ph.D. -  Post-doctoral Fellow, Janssen Research & Development


Undergraduate students

Name – Program or Position in the Grice lab

Adriana Caldwell - The American Physician Scientist Association's (APSA) Virtual Science Research Program 2021

Emily Chen – Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program

Max Grogan — Undergraduate Internship Student,  King's College,  London UK

Neal Chan - Summer Intern

Erin Schroeder - Summer Intern

Jasmine Walsh - PennPREP Scholar Program

Mallory Harrower - Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program

Olivia Gorushi – Summer Undergraduate Internship Program


Graduate student collaborators

Name — Position after leaving the University of Pennsylvania

Ciara Gimblet Ochieng (Ph.D.) - Post-doctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Name — Position after leaving the Grice lab

Qi Zheng - Bioinformatician, University of Pennsylvania, Gene Therapy Program

Julia Bugayev - University of California, Los Angeles,  MPH Program

Emilo Rodgriguez — Graduate student, Emory Univerisity

Joseph Horwinski — Farmer, Washington State