Graduate Training in Medical Science (GTMS)


Required Courses:

BIOM 502: Molecular Basis of Disease

BIOM 600: Cell Biology

CAMB 532 (PHRM 532): Human Physiology

CAMB 510 (IMUN 510): Immunology for CAMB Students
IMUN 506: Immune Mechanisms
GCB 535: Bioinformatics
GCB 536: Computational Biology

"Bench to Bedside" Electives

Any elective with clinical relevance may be a Bench to Bedside elective, subject to approval from the Program Directors. This list will be updated annually as new courses with clinical relevance may be offered and students are encouraged to suggest courses that they think will enrich their GTMS education.

BMB 518 (CAMB 615, NGG 615): Protein Conformational Diseases

CAMB 512: Cancer Biology and Genetics

CAMB 530: Seminar in Cell Cycle and Cancer

CAMB 542: Topics in Molecular Medicine

CAMB 547: Fundamental Virology

CAMB 550: Genetic Principles

CAMB 590: Biology of Pathogens

CAMB 608: Regulation of Eucaryotic Gene Expression

CAMB 609: Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics

CAMB 610: Molecular Basis of Gene Therapy

CAMB 617: Emerging Infectious Diseases

CAMB 620: Thematic Concepts in Developmental Biology

CAMB 630: Topics in Human Genetics and Disease

CAMB 697: Biology of Stem Cells

CAMB 701: Tumor Microenvironment

CAMB 703: The ECM, adhesion receptor signaling, and translational biomechanics

CAMB 704: Stress Responses and Metabolism in Cancer

CAMB 712: Topics in Cancer Biology

GCB 513 (BIOL 513): Evolution in Cancer

IMUN 507: Immunopathology

NGG 618: Recovery after Neural Injury

NGG 670 (PHRM 670): Current Topics in Neuropharmacology

PHRM 550 (NGG 576, PSYC 750): Advanced topics in Neuropsychopharmacology

PHRM 590: Molecular Toxicology: Chemical and Biological Mechanisms

PHRM 623: Fundamentals of Pharmacology

PHRM 624: Medical Pharmacology


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