About the Child and Parent Center

CHILD AND PARENT CENTER has provided supportive, nurturing experiences for families with young children for the past 40 years. The Center is associated with Pennsylvania Hospital and The University of Pennsylvania Health System.  Child and Parent Center staff are Master’s Level Clinicians with extensive training in Early Childhood Development and Parent Education.

The Center provides groups for families with young children from infants up to three years of age.  The goal of the center is to promote healthy development in infants, toddlers and their families. 

  • Parents are given information and support so that they can feel confident in their role
  • Parents gain an understanding of typical child development that allows them to anticipate their child’s behavior and direct it with confidence before problems arise
  • Parents are able to discuss their individual questions and concerns with a child development professional
  • Parents have the opportunity to meet with other families with children close in age to their own, and share quality time interacting with their child in a child-safe and developmentally stimulating play environment. 

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