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Geffen Laboratory of
Auditory Coding


Postdoctoral Positions in Systems Neuroscience:

The Geffen laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania has multiple postdoctoral positions open in systems neuroscience with the broad goal of understanding the neuronal circuits for auditory perception and memory. Specifically, we are interested in (1) identifying the computational principles of neuronal coding; (2) understanding the function of inhibitory-excitatory interactions in the auditory pathway; (3) identifying the neuronal circuits for hearing in the presence of noise and under uncertainty; (4) identifying how complex sound sequences are represented in the auditory pathway and detected behaviorally. Dr. Geffen works closely with our postdocs to develop their project, which can be part of ongoing efforts in the lab or a novel project of their design. For the experimental project, you will be trained in a host of systems neuroscience techniques, including two-photon imaging of population activity, optogenetic manipulations, large-scale electrophysiology and behavior computational aspects of the projects involve dynamic systems analysis of neuronal population activity; Bayesian approaches for understanding the relation between neuronal activity and behavior; machine learning methods to understand large-scale neuronal activity. We have extensive collaborations throughout our campus and beyond, in which the postdoc can get involved. Our lab is a close community of fun-loving scientists, striving to help each other while exploring the mysteries of the brain. Our trainees have won numerous awards and have been awarded government and private foundation grants. For more information, see

To apply, please email Dr. Geffen at : a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the position, your CV, two reference names/emails, and pdf of your publications. The ideal candidate will have recently defended or is about to defend their Ph.D. in the life sciences. We are looking for an energetic, passionate scientist eager to pursue the discovery of the brain

Graduate Rotation Student:

The Geffen lab is accepting graduate students for rotations.